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    Hello everyone!
    Survival Season 3 will be releasing on Saturday, October 30th 2PM EST. This season brings tons of new features, fixes, and much more!

    ➥ Monster Tower
    A new feature we will be introducing this season is the Monster Tower. The monster tower is a 3-floor dungeon (more floors will be added in the future) that players can progress through. The tower is crawling with powerful mobs that get stronger the deeper you get. All mobs in the tower have unique powerful rare drops for players to grind for. Along with the monsters, there will also be ore banks that you will be able to mine for resources and coins.

    To unlock access to the deeper levels of the Tower you will have to collect soul fragments. Soul fragments is a new currency dropped by all monsters in the tower (see below for more info). You will be able to find more information on the tower monsters, drops, and resources using /monstertower.


    ➥ Soul Fragments
    Soul Fragments are a new currency introduced with the Monster Tower. Soul fragments will be required to gain access to the deeper part of the monster tower. You will also be able to spend your Soul Fragments in a brand new shop. There you will be able to buy armor, weapons, spawners, crate keys, and more!

    Soul fragments are dropped by all monsters in the tower as well as when you kill other players.
    When killing other players there will be a 50% chance of dropping 5 Soul Fragments.


    ➥ Party & Boss Quests
    With the addition of party quests, you and your party will now be able to progress through 20+ quests for tons of different rewards to aid the progression of your party! The whole party can work together to complete these quests


    Along with party quests, we will also be introducing boss quests. Boss quests are quests your individually progress through simply by killing bosses. When you complete a quest you will be rewarded with awesome rewards! You can access the quests and more information regarding bosses and their drops through /bosses.

    NOTE! On release, only the Boss Hunter quest will be available. In the near future, more bosses will be added along with individual quests for each both that will have tons of amazing unique rewards,



    ➥ Lucky Pond
    The lucky pond is a brand new automated event that will be taking place every 4 hours. During the lucky pond, items will start spewing out of the pond and players will have to use fishing rods to try and catch them! There are tons of different rewards to be obtained from the pond. Super and Ultimate keys are just some of the amazing rewards obtainable during the event. To participate in the lucky pond and see a schedule of it simply /warp pond.


    ➥ Custom Armor Sets
    We will be adding brand new custom armor sets with special effects for players to collect and farm for. The custom sets will not override any of the existing vanilla armor sets. These custom armor sets will be available as drops from bosses and the monster tower, but also as purchasable items in the different shops.

    All custom armor sets will be leather armor but will have enchantments that are very similar to Diamond armor with the same Enchantments.

    NOTE! You will have to be playing on 1.17 to be able to see these armor sets.


    ➥ Free Monthly Keys!
    Ranked players will now be able to claim a free key every 30 days! Simply log on and claim your free key from Dobby the Donkey.


    There have also been some slight changes to the daily reward to make it feel a bit more encouraging for players to claim it every day.

    ➥ Champions Changes
    Champions are the top 5 parties that have spent the most money on party levels each month. Party leaders will receive a +1 champion score if they manage to enter the top 5 at the end of the month. The amount spent does not carry over and stack between months. The champion score is only the amount of money spent on levels for each individual month.

    For this season we have decided to increase the monthly champion Minebits prize to make them feel more rewarding.

    1st. 35 Minebits -> 50 Minebits
    2nd. 25 Minebits -> 40 Minebits
    3rd. 20 Minebits -> 30 Minebits
    4th. 15 Minebits -> 25 Minebits
    5th. 10 Minebits -> 15 Minebits

    NOTE! The first batch of champions will be selected at the end of November.

    ➥ Other Changes & Updates
    - Re-introduced the Helheim PvP arena!
    - Adjustments and buffs to donator kits
    - Updated rank-up tier rewards and weekly tier rewards to make each tier feel more rewarding
    - Slight updates to quest point shop
    - Resolved issue causing players to die when trying to enter a claim they have been banned from.
    - Updates to boss legendary drop rates
    - New Spawn!
    - Chunk hopper revamp
    - Introduction of teleport pads
    - Performance Improvements
    - Updated duel kits
    - More leaderboards


    New member
    1. Readding Koth would be cool as a lot of survival players love pvping. Competing for rewards would enhance the PVP aspect of survival and allow players to use their gear they've grinded for and fight each other.

    2. I feel like 500 boss kills is a bit too high considering the amount of times bosses spawn every day. Seasons don't last very long on here so I feel like even if you attend every boss and get the kills 500 is a little too high for a 2-5 month season if that's how long it's planned on lasting. As it usually does.