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    Economy, Commands, and MCMMO
    I'm going to keep this section fairly brief as I'm not the most informed on the ins and outs of any of these topics, however I have had discussions with other players that are quite a lot more educated on the topic.


    Job Points

    Job Points are pretty cool, but they are currently too easy to macro / farm in the most boring way possible and known to man kind. As of right now, you can place sugarcane, saplings, or other crops then mine them straight after to spam-earn job points. This method is so boring, and everyone has done it. And you may ask, 'Well Tec_Tec, if it's so boring and unethical then why would you do it yourself?', and to that I say, having integrity doesn't get me large money pouches. I also believe that Job Points should have their own section on the side bar, as it would be a lot easier to see.

    Spawners are one of the most common way of making money as of right now, along with job points and harvester hoe farms. Therefore, I strongly believe that there should be a higher variety of them. Here's some spawners that I believe could be implemented:

    Rabbit Spawner - Price: 20-50k - Drops: Rabbit Hide, Rabbit Meat, Rabbit Foot. - Uses: Could be used to make leather early game in survival, used for brewing jump potions if you do not have antigravity no your boots, and could be used as a quick spawner to buy early game and make money. It can also work as a source of food for beginners. - Additional Notes: Make Rabbit Hide, Rabbit Feet and Rabbit Meat sellable.

    Enderman Spawner - Price: Between Blaze and Piglin Spawners (850k - 1mil) - Drops: Ender Pearls - Uses: Could be used to farm pearls, or more commonly as another profitable spawner that is better than the blaze but worse than the piglin. - Additional Notes: Make pearls sellable.

    Vindicator / Pillager / Evoker Spawner - Price: 5-10x IG Spawner price (25mil - 50mil) - Drops: Emeralds (and Iron axes / Crossbows / totems depending on which one is added) - Uses: Could be used as an endgame spawner as emerald sell price would be ~350$/item. - Additional Notes: Make emerald sellable, and their sell price 10% of it's buy price in the ores section.

    /events and /firstjoin could be really useful for checking event times and when someone first joined.

    Many players I talked to said that they would like the max MCMMO level for some skills to be higher, with the one being mentioned the most being axes. The cap being so low can bottle-neck skilled players and limit their potential. I think raising most MCMMOs to something a little bit higher could make everyone happier overall.

    Economy, Commands, and MCMMO conclusion
    although i may have kept this section brief, I think I said what I needed to. While some parts of this section were quality of life changes I'd like to see but aren't too worried about, some of them are ideas that could impact PvP and the economy in a positive way.

    New Events
    In this section I'm going to mention 2 different event ideas I had - both of which were considered quite good by the people I asked.

    Parkour race event
    This event would require 2-5 long parkour maps, and could happen 4 times every 24hrs, similarly to LPS. However it would need at least 3 people to start. Each different map could have a different theme, and to get the maps, King_dazza and xFrog could hold a server wide competition for all the good builders to build a map, and the winner gets to see their map in game and maybe a small reward. But moving on from that, there could be certain features to make this bland parkour race even better - you could involve 5 snowballs and knockback 1 wooden sword with 1 durability. This could make the race more competitive. You could also add 1 double jump that can be picked up by the first person who reaches a checkpoint. The rewards for this event could be as follows:

    1st) Gold Key + money
    2nd) Silver Key + money
    3rd) 5 Donkey Keys + money

    KOTH event
    This event is quite common among other servers, however that doesn't mean it's bad in any way. This event could take place in the large PvP Arena (mentioned above) and could happen twice - 4 times / day. This event could give even more incentive for jumping down into that large PvP arena, and would be really chaotic and therefore fun. The rewards for this event could be as follows:

    1st) Gold Key + Silver key
    2nd) Silver Key + 5 donkey Keys
    3rd) 5 Donkey Keys + money

    Events conclusion
    Events such as these are really the highlight of anyone's day on the server. They are fun, a test of skill, and very competitive. Adding more events would increase the chance of people catching opportunities to win crate keys, and are fantastic way to spice up the server.

    Staff and Advertising
    This is the final section of this post, and I believe that it's the most important one too. As of right now there are 4 staff members. z449z, Pungo, xFrogSoup and King_dazza. However, out of these 4 staff members, only z449z and Pungo focus on moderation (and occasionally xFrogSoup, however that's mostly in reports that aren't resolved by the helpers before-hand). I believe a staff team is really what moulds a server into what it is, whether that is a really kind and wholesome community comprised of chill and nice people, or a total complete train wreck of doxing, slurs, toxicity and the lot. As it stands, the server is more of the former than the latter, however, with enough time and growth, 2 moderation staff members (1 for each realm) will not be good enough. And I could talk about all the great people in the community that would do a great job as staff members, but at the end of the day, it is Dazza's and Frog's decision. However, I would really like to emphasise the importance of having a staff team that can work around the clock, and handle vast sums of players. Staff could also include builders, who could build the mentioned above PvP arena and Parkour race maps. I would also like to state that advertising and making the server bigger is great and all, but it would also require maybe a few more servers, that could be as simple as just 2 survival / skyblock 'realms' with differing functionalities, for the new players to split into so that the servers we play on are not overwhelmed.

    So yes, I may have just spent 3 days asking around some of my mates what they think could be good for the server, and I may have wrote an entire 2360 words essay about a block game server, however, if anything, I believe this shows how much i care about the server and how my staff application shouldn't have been rejected cough cough.

    But now on a more serious note, we need to have edible polished diorite stairs added (please)
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