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    This server is really fun to play on - whether I were to mention the active player-base or the many fun mechanics and quirks - and I think it would be safe to say we would all love to see the server get better. As someone who has been playing since February, which is only a fraction of what other players in the community have played, I'd really wish for some features to be added. I'll cut straight to the chase. All sections are labelled with a title and every suggestion has a description, along with ways to implement it and why it would be a good addition. Feel free to discuss any of my points in the comments.

    Revamped PvP:

    I still firmly believe that the PvP on the server has really been quite boring compared to other seasons (I have talked to numerous players from season 1-4 and they would seem to agree). However I do believe that it could be made more fun with some new features. NOTE: I will not be mentioning the 1.8 combat system, as King_Dazza has already addressed this issue here and because most people still enjoy PvP with the cooldown mechanic.

    Here are my ideas.

    New custom enchants.
    This should be pretty self explanatory, I believe that everyone would like to see new PvP / Grinding mechanics being implemented. As PvP Stands, the victor in any PvP Battle is the one who has the most Gapples and Armour sets at their disposal (As RuinIt mentioned here) or if a player has unbreakable Norse with steak. Some ideas I had (or have been told about) are (Names are of course subject to change):

    - Timber enchantment (Uncommon) (Axe): This enchantment could have 3 tiers, with each tier breaking an extra 10 adjacent logs. This could work more like a Jungle axe from Hypixel Skyblock instead of like most Timber enchantments, so that it can't be used to destroy big log bases, or you can make it so that it only breaks naturally generated / sapling grown trees (If this is possible).

    - Glide enchantment (Uncommon) (Boots): This could have 1-2 tiers, with each representing 1 level of the slow-fall buff. Although not very useful in PvP situations, it could be really useful for exploration. It could also be used as a way to escape encounters in /wild with other players.

    - Fleeting enchantment (Rare) (Axe): This enchantment could change the cooldown of the axe to be slightly faster, so that axes could be even more reliable in PvP. Which leads me into the next section..

    Bring back custom axe enchants.
    I really miss some of the axe enchants, as axes used to be my favourite weapon back in season 5. However I do agree with those who say that the enchantments were down-right unfair. Bleed and Berserk were most certainly too overpowered, however I never saw the reason to remove insanity, confusion and blessed. I believe that bleed should stay removed, berserk should be nerfed, confusion and blessed should be added back the way they were, and insanity should be nerfed and should have a sword equivalent. This would make everyone use both weapons in PvP, which although is already being done, axes are only really used to break armour by spam clicking.

    Working Legacy Set Bonuses.
    Most Legacy users were quite upset when their sets lost their set bonuses. I believe it should be added back as at the end of the day they did pay for both the armour and it's set bonus.

    A large PvP Arena
    Back in the ancient times of Season 2 (Which I was not a part of) there was the Helheim battle arena (as mentioned by Lloyd here). I really like this idea, however i do believe that but I also believe that it could expanded on to make PvP more lively.

    First off, with a large PvP arena you can have multiple fights at once. And while this is possible in the miniscule arena we have right now, you mostly tend to run into each other's fight and switch opponent.

    Another benefit would be the possibility of the implementation of a KOTH event (More on this later), and maybe some other events (Feel free to comment ideas in the comments).

    I also thought of quite a unique idea for the arena, which would be to add small veins of ore blocks (iron / gold / diamond blocks?) that could be mined for the block themselves with a chance to drop different, more valuable things (donkey crates, XP, money?). This would make a new way of earning money, along with an incentive to go into PvP that isn't to get stabbed by some stacked guy.

    Add warlord / skulls back ()
    As many older players can recall, Warlord was a shop that sold many useful items such as scrolls and the /kit warlord. This was a really nice feature from everything that I heard about it. Apparently it was bugged in season 4, and removed in season 5, which is a real shame considering how it was another reason to jump into PvP. This feature should be added back with some new items for sale, such as a new tag (bringing back the [Warlord] Tag would ruin every OG's day), Rename, white, and black scrolls and possibly a new kit similar to the old Warlord kit. This could be something along the lines of Protection 5 Unbreaking 5, and it could be bought for Skulls. Skulls would be obtained from kills (1 kill = 1 skull) like in older seasons. Also it would be nice to be able to buy the new kit's items for a fraction of the price of the /kit, however that is as always up for discussion. It would also be preferable if skulls and the /kit couldn't be bought for money so that it urges people to keep playing, grinding, and keeping PvP active.

    PvP Coclusion
    I believe that PvP in this season is a bit lacking and needs fleshing out. Many older players would consider season 2 as the best season for PvPing, as it was a 1.9 with most of the season 5 custom enchants. It also had a larger player base which led to fun and chaotic situations, in the large battle arena with the possibility of earning skulls to purchase better gear. Bringing new custom enchants could really spice up the gameplay too, and make it more interesting to see which enchantments would be favoured over the each other.