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    Skyblock Server Guide
    Skyblock is a popular Minecraft gamemode where the player spawns on an island in the sky, and has to survive without using typical resources. Our Skyblock realm is currently updated to version 1.18, and has many unique features that set us apart from other networks!

    While there are many different reasons to play Skyblock, there is an advanced competitive aspect to Minefun’s Skyblock. Islands can grow in value through the placement of ore blocks, and the islands with the top value can be found on the Island Leaderboards. In order to check out for yourself who’s currently on top, view the /is top in game! However, Skyblock isn’t only for those who enjoy a competitive edge. It can also be a gamemode to truly express your building creativity by starting with a vast amount of open sky to decorate.

    Minefun is proud to have many interesting plugins to make the gamemode more exciting and fun for our players. Continue reading to see all the great aspects Skyblock has to offer!

    How do I start?
    When you first log onto Skyblock, you will be given a starting balance of $5000. By running the command /is, an island will be created for you. This will be the standard Skyblock island, with a starter chest. You can also use the command /is whenever you need to know any information about your island, such as radius, members, or permissions.

    You can invite friends to your island by running the command /is invite (username). This person must not have their own island or be a part of one. If they wish to join your island, they can use the command /is accept to accept the invitation. Team members will have full access to chests, building, and other aspects of the island. Another option to allow your friends to help on your island, while still allowing them to have their own, is by using the command /is coop add (username). They will still have permissions to edit your island, but this permission can be removed at any time through /is coop remove (username). Be careful who you trust!

    In order to get back to your island, you can run the command /is go. You can also change your island home by doing /is sethome. In order to set up a public warp to your island, you can type /is setwarp <name> <icon>. Warp to another players island by viewing the /is warps menu.

    How do I change my island settings?
    You have the ability to control many permissions on your island, which allows you to give both visitors and cooped members access to only the permissions you are comfortable sharing. In order to edit your island settings, type /is settings and click on the redstone. Click on the redstone again to open the menu that arranges permissions by role. Here you can choose a role and manage permissions individually, such as the ability to attack mobs, open doors, etc.

    How do I level up?
    There are several different leveling systems on Skyblock. The first leveling system is your personal in game rank. There are currently 5 different levels with the following prices:
    Pig: $100,000 + 3 Daily Rewards
    Skeleton: $1,000,000 + 10 Daily Rewards
    Blaze: $5,000,000 + 20 Daily Rewards
    Wither: $10,000,000 + 35 Daily Rewards
    Dragon: $75,000,000 + 50 Daily Rewards

    You can upgrade your rank by doing /levelup. Another way to level up is by increasing your island points level. You gain island levels by purchasing them, and the price increases as your level increases. Island top shows the players with the highest island level each season. Island top is based on which island gains the most amount of levels during the month. At the end of the season, rewards are also given to players who have the highest island level overall.

    Lastly, you can level up your skills through the mcMMO plugin. There are various skills incorporated in this plugin, such as herbalism, mining, woodcutting, and more. Improving your mcMMO level can improve your chances of special perks such as double drop. To view your mcMMO statistics, type /mcstats.

    How do I get blocks and items?
    There are various methods to get materials in Skyblock. You can create your own farms and cobble generators on your island to harvest your own materials. Then, you can sell your harvests in the /shop for profit. You can also purchase many things from the /shop such as spawners, blocks, crops, and more. If you’re interested in supporting a fellow Skyblockian’s business, you can also check out the /playershops. This is where other players can use a chest shop to sell their items. You can also set up your own chest shop by following this format on a sign placed on the front side of a chest:

    How do I become a Star?
    Stars are exceptional players that have made great achievements during the season. They are awarded with their Star at the end of the season, and they never reset. Stars will receive a custom emote of their skin in the Minefun Discord, a star in front of their Minecraft name, and a special Discord rank!

    Stars are awarded to the players with the top 5 most valuable islands. You can check the top 5 islands at any time by running the command /is top. Stars are also given to players who achieve things such as Most Island Likes or Most Blocks Broken. Check the possible Star achievements and the past Star winners by doing /stars.

    What are custom enchants?
    You can access the custom enchant menu by doing /e. These enchants are custom and differ from typical vanilla enchants. You can trade your XP levels in exchange for a custom enchant book. There are 3 different levels of custom books you can purchase.
    Common ~ 5,000 XP
    Uncommon ~ 50,000 XP
    Rare ~ 200,000 XP

    These custom enchant books have a success rate, which is the percentage of likelihood that it will be successfully applied to your tools. Be very careful, because if a book does not have a 100% success rate, and fails to be put on the tool, you will lose both the book and your tool! In order to increase the success rate of a custom enchant book, you must use the /tinkerer to get success dust by trading a custom enchant book. Then, you can apply the success dust by using the /alchemist. You can also use the alchemist to combine 2 of the same book types.

    You can view all of the custom enchants by clicking here.

    Are there perks available for purchase?
    Yes! We offer 5 different donator ranks along with other purchasable perks such as crate keys, cosmetics, and more. You can purchase a rank by doing /ranks in game or go to our store by doing /store. While it is not necessary to purchase anything to be successful in the game, it can add a lot to the experience and give you access to extra permissions!

    Minefun also has a unique custom plugin called Funcoins, which are an in-game equivalent to real money! You can spend your Funcoins in the /coinstore or transfer them to other players by using /coins pay. 1 Funcoin is equivalent to 1 cent USD. You can gain Funcoins through claiming your daily reward by using /daily, receiving them in crates through /crates, or being online at the time of a Funcoin giveaway.

    List of helpful Skyblock commands:
    ~ Displays commands list in-game
    /island help ~ Opens a full list of island commands
    /generator ~ Shows all achievable cobblestone generator tiers
    /ranks ~ Shows all store-bought ranks
    /levels ~ Shows all in-game player levels
    /quests ~ Shows all solo achievement quests (updates daily)
    /ah ~ Opens the player auction house
    /wardrobe ~ Access all wardrobe items
    /tags ~ Access all tags
    /minions ~ Manage your minions
    /baltop ~ Top money leaderboard
    /friends ~ Allows you to add friends on the server
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