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    Skyblock Season 3 will be released on May 14th at 2 PM EST.

    Island Top
    Monthly Island top payout will now be based on new levels acquired in that month. It will no longer be for who has the most points overall. This is to help give newer players a chance to compete for island top alongside more veteran players.

    At the end of the season, there will be a hefty reward for the islands with the most points earned throughout the whole season.
    More specific details regarding the rewards will be announced as the season comes to an end.

    - Increased max Island size
    - Added island upgrades
    - Added island vault
    - Added island bank
    - Added island logs
    - And more...

    - Updates to stone generators. You will now be able to select which generator tier you want active in /generator.

    - New menu-based island leveling system. You will now level your island using money instead of placing ore blocks.

    Island leveling price formulas:
    Level 1-99: Current Level * $1,000
    Level 100-299: Current Level * $10,000
    Level 300 and above: Current Level * $100,000

    The reason for the increased pricing after 100 levels is to give new players a chance to compete for island top every month,

    Automated Events
    Multiple new automated non-pvp events have been added as a lot of players felt like just having LPS was unfair to those not interested in PVP. 2 new events have been added, the lucky pond, and fishing competitions.

    Event rewards have also been adjusted for early game and will be increased as the season progresses.

    Lucky Pond
    /warp pond and begin fishing for treasures! Items will spew out of the pond that you will have to catch using a fishing rod. You will be able to get tools, ores, titles, and even crate keys from the lucky pond.

    Fishing Competition
    Every 4 hours a fishing competition will begin. Players will have 10 minutes to try and catch the largest fish possible. Once the competition ends, the player who caught the largest fish will be rewarded with a crate key. NOTE! 15 players will be required to be online or this event will not start.


    Multiple changes to the economy have been made to allow for a wider variety of money-making methods. Ore generator percentages and mob drops have been slightly adjusted, and a way to earn a more significant amount of money through fishing and mob arena has been introduced.

    As the season goes there will be changes to the economy if we feel like something is a bit too unbalanced, but we will try and avoid doing any drastic changes unless we feel like it's completely necessary.

    Quests will now reward you with quest points once completed. Quest points can be spent in the quest shop to buy unique hats, armor, weapons, tools, and more.

    With the addition of quest points, we have also added island quests. Island quests are quests that all island members can contribute to, but the reward will be given to the island leader. There will be 5 tiers of quests ranging from beginner to grandmaster at the start of the season. More tiers and quests will be added as the season progresses. Each time you complete a quest tier the island leader will receive up to 50 quest points.

    Mob Arenas
    Fight waves of monsters and bosses and get rewarded the further you get. You can enter a mob arena with up to 4 other players to play together, or start it solo. There will be 5 arenas available and 5 classes to pick from. More classes will be added in the future, and more arenas will also be added if necessary. Health regen will be disabled in the mob arena, and the only way to recover health will be with health potions or golden apples. You will be rewarded with golden apples every few rounds.

    You will be rewarded with tons of ores every round, as well as bonus rewards for clearing certain waves or killing arena bosses.

    The biggest new addition to this season is the expanded fishing content. The vanilla fishing drops have been completely replaced with custom fish drops which include custom fishes and baits. Every time you catch any new fish, you will be rewarded with fish points that you can spend in the fish shop.

    Each fish you catch will also come in a different size. The size of the fish affects its selling price.

    Fish Points for each rarity:
    Common Fish: 0 Fish Points
    Uncommon Fish: 1 Fish Points
    Epic Fish: 2 Fish Points
    Legendary Fish: 3 Fish Points

    Fish rarity price multipliers:
    Common Fish: Size * 1
    Uncommon Fish: Size * 5
    Epic Fish: Size * 20
    Legendary Fish: Size * 100

    Custom rods, unique hats, weapons, tools, mending books, and titles will be available for purchase in the Fish Point Shop.

    Fish Baits
    You will be able to randomly catch fish baits while fishing. There are 3 available fish baits, shrimp bait, epic bait, and legendary bait. Each bait will increase your chance to catch a fish with a different rarity. NOTE! You are not guaranteed to catch a higher rarity fish, the bait might still get consumed without catching a higher rarity fish. Fish bait will also be available for purchase in the Fish Point Shop.

    Shrimp Bait:
    Increased chance to catch Uncommon Fish

    Epic Bait:
    Increased chance to catch Epic Fish

    Legendary Bait:
    Increased chance to catch Legendary Fish

    Other Changes:
    - Detailed interior and NPCs have been added to most of the houses around spawn to freshen it up a bit
    - Teleport pads have been removed
    - Buffed tutorial pickaxe
    - Updated tutorial
    - Added chat reaction games
    - New starter island
    - Updated /items
    - Updated level rewards
    - Levels will not require daily rewards claimed as well as money to level up
    - Expanded Blocks shop
    - Added duels

    Upon reset, you will keep ranks, fun coins, wardrobe items, perks, and your season vault items.
    Levels, islands, balances, and everything else will be reset.

    Comment your username and what new feature you are the most existed for down below for a chance to win Legend rank once the new season releases! 2 winners will be picked.
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