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    New member
    For August: Back to School theme

    Weapons and Tools be things like Pencil, Ruler, Protractor, Bookmark, Lined Paper, Notebook, Trapper Keeper, Binder, Folder, Crayons, etc

    Armor be things like Thinking Cap, "backpack" chest, etc. I can't think of any specific generic/non-binary pants or shoes, so maybe someone else can.

    Quests can be: craft 100 paper, collect every color wool (crayons), make 100 sticks (pencils), write a 10-word book&quill (secret note), etc

    Join message can be: <name> has been dropped off (by the bus, by their mom, by their dad, by a parent, etc) and can be chosen.

    Titles can be: graduate, scholar, junior, senior, freshman, collegiate, etc. and be able to choose color of title.

    This is just a basic, off-the-top-of-my-head idea and can be added to.