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    New member
    User name: emilyy_hx

    What is your username? emilyy_hxx

    Which realm are you applying for?

    What time zone do you live in? united kingdom (bts)

    What is your first name? Emily

    How old are you? 15

    What is your discord username? emilyy_hx#4791

    Have you created any previous applications? If so, please link them.
    no, this is my first application! :)

    Why are you interested in joining the Minefun Staff Team?
    I love playing survival in my spare time ( a lot ) and ever since it reset I've wanted to play it more as its gotten even better. I would like to help out and also help and welcome new players. I've had unnecessary experience with grievers and hackers I would like to help prevent these harmful things. I would like everyone too fell safe and to enjoy Minefun how it was meant to. :)

    Do you have any past experience working as a staff member?
    I do not have experience but I'm always up to work hard and make sure i will be perfect for the part.

    What makes you stand out from other applicants?
    I will work hard and jot down notes of things which I need to improve. I've played this game for quite a while now and I make a friendly appearance. People know me from being friendly, helping others and asking questions about the game to help new comers.

    How long have you been playing on Minefun?
    I've been playing Minefun for just over 2 months. :)

    Do you have any past bans or punishments on any of our platforms? Describe the situation/s.
    I have never had any bans or punishments.

    How many hours a day can you dedicate on Minefun?
    on weekdays i can dedicate from 5-7 hours and on weekends i can dedicate 5-10 hours :)

    Are you able to use any form of recording/screenshot software?
    yes. :) I use obs or stream lab.

    SCENARIO: You ban a player and them and their friends start messaging you, calling you a bad staff member, telling you that you should unban them. How do you approach/handle the situation?
    I will describe the issue to them and let them tell me their side of the story I will show the evidence I have, I will talk to others about this issue and make sure I'm either in the wrong or right. if I feel I have given a wrongful ban I will remove it and apologise severely. If they however keep calling me a bad staff member I will confer with others, I will warm them at first and if they don't stop I will give them a temporary ban of 24 hours to let them calm down.

    Are you aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic instant rejection of this application?
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