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  • VALIDATED D3adShotGam3r's Staff Application


    New member
    User name: D3adShotGam3r

    What is your username? D3adShotGam3r

    Which realm are you applying for?

    What time zone do you live in? Central

    What is your first name? Brenden

    How old are you? 21

    What is your discord username? D3adShotGam3r#4519

    Have you created any previous applications? If so, please link them.

    Why are you interested in joining the Minefun Staff Team?
    The reason I'm interested in joining the Minefun Staff team is because I've played on the server for a few months now. And I've come to know a lot of the incredible people in this community and get acknowledged by others. I like to help out other players and stop cheaters from ruining the minefun experience that the other community members are trying to enjoy.

    Do you have any past experience working as a staff member?
    Yes, back about a few months back about in November or October of last year I played on a GTA V RP server that I was on everyday. And because of that they decided that that wanted me to be on their staff team because of how many hours I was on a day. I was probably on the server about 6 or more hours a day. Eventually I got promoted to become the Head Admin of the server, which means I had my own team of staff to run as well.

    What makes you stand out from other applicants?
    Something that I believe makes me stand out from the other applicants, is that in the past I've had plenty of staffing experience and I'm able to dedicate my time whenever its free to join the server and make sure that everyone its enjoying their time, and prevent cheaters and also to make sure that the chat stats friendly so that everyone can enjoy their time and have the great MineFun experience they deserve.

    How long have you been playing on Minefun?
    I have been playing on the Server since June 11th, 2021 so I will have officially played on this server for 2 months in about 6 days.

    Do you have any past bans or punishments on any of our platforms? Describe the situation/s.
    No, I do not have any past bans or punishments on this server because I'm always reading the rules and following them

    How many hours a day can you dedicate on Minefun?
    I can most definitely can dedicate at least 4-5 hours a day or more because most of the time when I don't know what to play I will just join the server and enjoy my time with the community and my friends that I've made on this server.

    Are you able to use any form of recording/screenshot software?
    Yes, I am able to use recording software if a situation is needed to where I'm needing to record the problem

    SCENARIO: You ban a player and them and their friends start messaging you, calling you a bad staff member, telling you that you should unban them. How do you approach/handle the situation?
    The first thing I would do is tell them that, I'm sorry that your friend was banned but he went against the rules of the server. And if they ask what he was banned for I would show them the evidence of what he did and that doing this is against the rules of the server. If he kept coming at me I would try my best to calm him down and explain why I banned him from the server. That its not that I anything against him its only that he violated the rules of the server and he is being punished for it.

    Are you aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic instant rejection of this application?