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    1. BigLesTheGamer

      💰-Skyblock Full Selling Prices-💰

      💰-Skyblock Full Selling Prices-💰 [-=============================================================-] Sky-Block Full list of items that you can sell and how much. Update - 26/11/2021 [-=============================================================-] ⚒-BLOCKS-⚒...
    2. BigLesTheGamer

      Skyblock - Suggestions

      Skyblock - Suggestions [====================] ✅- Add more sellable items into the shop. ✅- Remove the trench pickaxe it has no use is SB apart from the neather. ✅- Add Vote crates to SB and Survival this will bring new players to the server. ✅- Add a new command /forum so you can quickly access...
    3. BigLesTheGamer

      Skyblock - Suggetions

      [====================] ✅- ✅- [====================]
    4. BigLesTheGamer

      Skyblock - Public XP Grinder -

      ⚠️ [-Island UPDATE-] ⚠️ I have currently removed the island warp until i expand my island and work on some more farms
    5. BigLesTheGamer

      🚫-Looking For Members To Join My Island-🚫

      Looking For Members To Join My Island. If you are interested please DM me on hear or Discord. 🚫 Successful Members Must Have The Following 🚫 [====================] ✅-Must Have A MIC [====================] ✅-Must Be Over 18 [====================] ✅-Preferably have /fly to make it easier for...
    6. BigLesTheGamer

      Skyblock - Public XP Grinder -

      Hi guys i have made a public XP Grinder for all players to use on the server. If you have any issues please let me know ASAP Its only $50 (In game cash) to get to the xp farm You wont get the mob drops but you will get the XP DO /is warps or /is warp BigLesTheGamer21
    7. BigLesTheGamer

      Trench Pickaxe?

      The trench Pickaxe is pretty useless on SB as you can only use it in the nether. personally it needs removing from SB
    8. BigLesTheGamer

      Anyone know what coin can do ?

      Coins are used to upgrade your island like increase the amount of hoppers and spawners you can have on your island