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    1. P1ngu


      uh oh
    2. P1ngu

      BoredKai's Staff Application

      uh oh
    3. P1ngu


      its not a prison server
    4. P1ngu


    5. P1ngu

      P4mena_r3xx's Staff Application

      uh oh
    6. P1ngu

      Leaderboard for lowest coinflip winrate

      I would def be #1
    7. P1ngu

      salaMi235's Staff Application

    8. P1ngu

      1,8 pvp

      I think it's good to have some variety, skyblock is more heavily centered on teamwork, and having allies in PVP, so I feel like 1.16 PVP is better for those situations. On the other hand, 1.8 PVP is much more fun for quick fights, and 1v1's. Especially with the removal of some CE's, 1.8 can...
    9. P1ngu

      y0landi's Staff Application

      Mildly Very Good
    10. P1ngu

      Xxsjv1273xX's Staff Application

      so you remember the owner xDacon? he was really cool and nice to me and i think he still owned it a year ago
    11. P1ngu

      Xxsjv1273xX's Staff Application

      when did you play on a server called vikingpvp? I think I used to play on there too like 3 years ago but I don't think I remember you
    12. P1ngu

      help lol

      I sync deeper into depression every day